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Banner Impressions, what is it ?

It is an advertising and promotion platform

You can advertise and get interaction by publishing your content on our site. All our users and viewers are real people.

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Your content is brought together with the masses in the most effective, cheapest and most efficient way possible. You can get advertising credits and advertise at very affordable prices. To get ad credits, you can do free events or buy ad credits by adding balance.

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High quality traffic is targeted with our Antifraud system. Multiple accounts, virtual servers, VPN usage and bot usage are blocked. High-level traffic happens, all with real viewer users. It is aimed to minimize losses with continuously developed measures.

What are we aiming for ?

As always we offer the latest features

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If you are a YouTube content producer, your first goal is to monetize the content you produce. For this, you need 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of views. You can publish your content to reach the limits, and you can publish it for viewing by real users.

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With the right content promotion, you can enter suggestions and become known by increasing your popularity. You can share your content being watched, liked, commented and your growing audience. Creating content isn't always enough. An effective promotion accelerates your rise.

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With Instagram, Twitch, YouTube and website promotion sections, you get more traffic and increase statistics. You can get YouTube likes, YouTube views, YouTube comments, YouTube subscribers, Instagram followers, Instagram likes and many more types of interaction. You can publish content with your credits in our constantly updated sections.


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